One of the largest Dutch clubs transformed into a club of world class!

The legendary Time Out has been transformed into club of international stature. The new light show consists of a huge 3D LED chandelier with 15,000 individually addressable RGB pixels. The DJ booth is surrounded by more than half a kilometer of DiGidot High Res DiGi strips and 17 watts blinders which put the clubbers in a sea of ​​light for a few seconds. The P12 LED screens (65,536 pixels) surround the entire dance floor.

Lighting is controlled by two MADRIX setups; an Ultimate and a Professional license. Except for the blinders, everything is controlled with Art-Net, the standard Ethernet protocol for DMX over Ethernet.

In order to achieve all this, there is not only the LEDs and the software. Another important component is formed by the used LED drivers. The impressive installation is fully controlled by the DiGidot C4 LED Controller.

The immense light installation sets the new standard for club lighting, and DiGidot is proud to be part of that. When you are near, please visit Time Out, the big picture is spectacular!