We are proud to be part of ‘Sensation Welcome to the PleasureDome’. Months of preparation resulted in a spectacular show which travels all over the world! The massive eight ton construction with moving arcs consist of several types of LEDs and a staggering amount of 150 DiGidot C4 LED controllers. The LED spotlights and LED strips are also incorporated into the PleasureDome letters the dancers walk across the stage and into the lighted cages that hung in the arches during the show.

Custom made LED product

The desire of the creative concept and the design team of Sensation was to have a very warm LED source incorporated in the eight arches. Our partner InventDesign developed this LED source especially for this installation. It has a light temperature of 2,300 Kelvin and an optimum light distribution. The light even managed to reach the rear corners of the football stadium. We wrote a special program in order to optimize the dimming curve voor this custom made LED. Normally, light is dimmed in 256 steps, but in this case it was dimmed in 65,536 steps (16 bit). It was important that the LED fixtures were dimmed smoothly. Only at the highlights of the show the audience was blinded by light. It was a intens experience!

DigiDot C4 LED controller

The LED driver is the most special in this installation. After months of development and testing we implemented the all new DiGidot C4 for the first time in such a big project. The intelligent LED controller controls 6000 pixels. Thanks to the use of the DiGidot C4 we bring back the necessary wiring to a minimum. It is all done by daisy chaining through the built-in Ethernet switch Ethercon and it is powered with Neutrik Powercon. It is the first show format where DMX is no longer used. We go from Art-Net directly to the LEDs, this saves a lot of equipment and creates the smartest setup.

MADRIX software

Three new GRANDS-MA’s were used for this show, but that still was not enough to control the large number of universes. We proposed to the Sensation team to use MADRIX Ultimate. The crew was skeptical at first but after a good demo they were completely confident about using LED MADRIX software. We made the patch and basic programming of the LED Pixel Strips and made an Art-Net link between MADRIX and the GRAND-MA’s. The convenient Art-Net sync function of MADRIX and DiGidot C4 ensured that this gigantic show was synchronized to the microsecond.

Are you interested in the LEDs that were used for Sensation White? Please contact our partner InventDesign!