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DiGidot C4 Live

The DiGidot C4 is a unique pixel controller with many powerful features. One DiGidot C4 controls up to 8.192 channels (16 universes) and countless units can be combined in a network. It supports well over 50 SPI protocols and various other industry standards, such as Art-Net and DMX. This is a truly one of its kind controller perfect for live events as well as fixed installations and system integration.

Amazing Output Capacity

The DiGidot C4 Live can control a maximum of 8182 channels which is 2730 RGB LEDs or 2048 RGBW LEDs. The channels are spread over 4 outputs and can be assigned in every possible way. The digital outputs of the DiGidot C4 Live can be configured in many different ways. It’s possible to output both  SPI and DMX signals for example. Being able to directly connect to LED lights, allows the creation of more cost effective lighting installations. Art-Net nodes and and DMX decoders are no longer required because the DiGidot C4 combines all of those features and many more in just one device. Huge amounts of DiGidot C4 controllers can be connected in a network which makes it very easy to scale the system according to project requirements.

RGB pixels

The DiGidot C4 supports more than 50 SPI protocols and up to around 60 protocols in total. We’re constantly updating and improving our compatibility by adding new protocols you our system. In case your protocol is not officially listed yet, please contact us. Our engineers are happy to help to get your protocol listed.

50+ supported ICs

Can’t you find your SPI protocol/IC? Please send an e-mail to We will try to add the IC in the next firmware release.

Full device control from its web-based interface

Whether you use Mac or Windows, the responsive HTML5 interface works on standard browsers such as Chrome. With its clean look and clear explanations at every button it has a minimal learning curve. You can adjust the number of universes, the type of LED (SPI protocol/IC chip) and route them to a preferred output. The built WiFi and DHCP server allow for quick and easy access. Are you using multiple DiGidot C4’s daisy-chained or in a network? Name them the way you want and give them a unique IP address to easily recognize them in your project.

Works well with all professional lighting control systems

The DiGidot C4 controller works well with most common LED software used in professional event lighting. The device was thoroughly tested with MADRIX, but we can assure it works well with other software, such as: ArKaos, Chromateq, Pharos and Resolume. Nonetheless, the DiGidot C4 was used numerous times with grandMA, Avolites and High End Systems consoles.

  • SIZE: 153 x 74 x 28mm
  • WEIGHT: 140gr
  • MOUNTING: DIN-rail (clip not included), tie-wrap, surface mounted
  • OUTPUT CHANNELS: up to 8192 SPI, Art-Net or 1024 DMX channels
  • INPUT SIGNAL: Art-Net, DMX512, DiGidot C4 iOS/Google Play app
  • INCLUDED ACCESSORIES: USB power cable, RJ45 cable
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DiGidot C4 Live 4

4 Universes Output

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DiGidot C4 Live 8

8 Universes Output

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DiGidot C4 Live 12

12 Universes Output

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DiGidot C4 Live 16 Expert*

16 Universes Output

WARNING! The DiGidot C4 Live 16 license is an Expert license and intended for experienced professionals.
This license comes with some limitations and additional usage instructions in order to maintain its performance.
Please read our DiGidot C4 Performance Guide carefully prior to purchasing this product.
By purchasing this product/license you confirm to be informed about and understand the DiGidot C4 Performance Guide information. DiGidot licenses are life time licenses and cannot be downgraded or refunded!
Please contact us for further information.

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